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Remember, your true waist line is on your belly button and not where your waist band sits. You are already aware of the need to maintain a healthy weight, waist and BMI statistics, as these particular parameters have a direct correlation to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.  

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Recent figures show that 63% of men and 54% of women in England have a BMI of more than 25; are overweight or obese (British Nutrition Foundation).  More people around the world are obese than ever before.  It’s a massive issue – affecting men and women; young and old; rich and poor. Obesity poses a huge public health problem as excess body fat contributes to an array of medical conditions/diseases. Not maintaining a healthy weight for your height can greatly increase your risk of contracting conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, some Cancers and other conditions such as Gallstones.  As obesity poses many health risks, measuring your body fat to help keep within healthy ranges can greatly reduce the risk of conditions such as those listed above. Obesity is most commonly defined in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index). It is considered normal to have a BMI of 18.5-25. Above 25 is defined as overweight and above 30 is obese.

Where fat is distributed on the body can be a good indicator of overweight/obesity. A lot of fat deposited in the abdominal area can put someone at an increased risk of obesity-related diseases.  With all the risks associated with obesity and carrying too much body fat, it can be of great benefit to your health to maintain a healthy weight for your height, and stay within healthy BMI ranges. Keeping your body fat in check and ensuring your body composition is healthy can go a long way toward longevity and quality of life.

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