Health Packages price list


As  the most competitively priced Health Clinic available, the multi-awarding Solihull Health Check Clinic are proud to offer an outstanding and professional service, to all of our clients.  From individual Health Checks, held within our purpose built clinic, to Health Check Solutions for Corporate clients, with a mobile clinic that can be held at any place of work including factories, office complex, or corporate facilities.

Price list:-

Package 1 - Consultation for 30 minutes  £50.00

Package 2 - Individual blood test  £120.00  (Discuss with your Consultant)

Package 3 - Complete Well Man/ Well Woman Health Screening £395.00

Package 4 - Complete STI Screening £295.00    (HIV/Hep B/Hep C/Chlamydia/Gonorrhea)

Package 5 - Complete Male Blood Tests £295.00 (Testosterone/PSA/Biochemistry/Full Blood Count)

Package 6 - Male Hormone Package £295.00   (Testosterone/Vit B12 and Serum Folate/PSA bloods

Package 7 - Complete Female Blood Test £295.00  (Thyroid Function - FT4/TSH/Biochem/FBC

Package 8 - Female Hormone Package £295.00   (LH/FSH/Oestrodial/Progesterone)

Package 9 - Serology blood test  £295.00   (speak to your consuultatnt)

Package 10 - Food Handler Screening £295.00

Package 12 - Bowel/Colon Disease screening  (Stool sample required for Faecal Occult Blood)

Individual near patient testing £50.00 per test  (Helicobactoer Pylori.  Diabetes.  Urinalysis.  

Drug and Alcohol Tests £50.00 for both

* Bespoke Packages can be arranged